Bear Grylls Meals The mere mention of the intrepid Brit’s name makes men want to beat their chests and crush beer cans against their foreheads. If you were at the altar with your bride-to-be and the priest leaned over and whispered that Bear was filming a segment around the corner, the sacrament of marriage would not be performed that day.

The fifth season of Man vs. Wild premieres in the States next week. And while many will be tuning in to glean valuable survival tips, it’s common knowledge that the main reason blokes watch is to see Grylls eat weird sh*t.

Read on to see our list of his Ten most eye-opening, stomach-churning alfresco dining experiences.

10 :- pee
9 :- Bottom feeding
8 :- Raw zebra meat
7 :- Bug Burger
6 :- Bear poo
5 :- Elephant dung juice
4 :- Camel intestinal fluid
3 :- Frozen yak eyeball
2 :- Giant Rhino Beetle larva
1 :- Raw goat testicles

Source :- Ask Men

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