Smoking a cigar is a great experience. It can enrich meals and wine or simply help you unwind from a long, trying day. What can enhance this already enjoyable experience is smoking a cigars that you made yourself. Seem daunting? Well, it's not at all. With a little practice you'll be able to make a perfect cigar and take pride the next time you light up.

Cigar factory, and factories in the Dominican Republic, probably more than in Germany's small breweries. Each village has a small shop selling cigars, and therefore there are people who twist these cigars. Of course, there are major production, such as Famous Brand Arturo Fuente produced at a plant in Santiago, in the north. Travel agencies organize trips to the nearest factory and "their" shops, but we decided not to go through the simple and visited a small factory in very good shop in Santo Domingo.

1:- Shred your tobacco. You can use a variety of methods to do this including scissors, a sharp knife or a grinder. Try to keep the tobacco uniform in size.

2:- Spread your tobacco on a clean, flat surface, and and very lightly mist with water. Use only clean, filtered water. Don't use water straight from the tap and do not oversaturate as this can ruin your cigar.

3:- Lay the binder leaf on a flat, clean surface and begin sprinkling the shredded tobacco. Be careful of how much you add. If you over stuff the cigar it can easily rip or be too hard to smoke, while too little will create an uneven cigar that is unsatisfying.

4:- Wrap the binding leaf closed and check for a consistent density. This will tell you if you need more or less filler, and if it is distributed evenly throughout the cigar. Gently start squeezing it at one end between your thumb and index finger and work your way down to the other end.

5:- Seal the binder. You'll need to use a specific kind of glue, such as bermacol powder that you mix with water. Run a light coat of glue along one edge of the binder leaf and gently press against the rest of the cigar.

6:- Add a wrapper leaf around the binder and seal in the same fashion as in Step 5. This wrapper is both for appearances and to add flavor to the cigar.

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