Aurora Borealis in Wisconsin

Massive Solar Storm Causes Aurora Lights in United States and Canada As scientists have already warned us, huge solar storm hit Earth’s atmosphere today. A few of extraordinary massive eruptions of the plasma on Sun’s surface have reached Earth today and thanks to that increased solar activity, residents in some areas of North America were able to see aurora lights in the sky.

NASA has announced that there were four strong eruptions on Sun which were directed straight to Earth. Luckily, our atmosphere as well as magnetic field has played well its role and absorbed the radiation.

Scientists have been predicting for a while that solar storms like this one could cause significant damage to satellites. Scientists are predicting that increased solar activity in next few years will be followed with a number of similar solar storms.

Aurora lights over Michigan, USA

Aurora lights over Michigan, USA

Solar storm light show over Saskaton, Canada

Source :- Incredible World

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