The bird seems frozen. The wings are spread wide. Looking so alive, it seems almost unbelievable that it is made of cembra pine wood chips. Artist Sergey Bobkov spent half a year to produce this wonderful eagle, working with practically no days off, 10 to 12 (and sometimes even 14) hours a day. No wonder! It took about 7 thousand feathers to make the plumage! But it is definitely worth it � the result does not differ much from its living prototype. Artist�s collection consists of all kinds of birds and animals: life-size sables, squirrels, owls and so on.

Before making a new �pet� Sergey Bobkov carefully studies its anatomy, habits and anything else that can help him better understand the chosen creature. And the technology itself is his invention.

�It�s not too interesting to do what others can,� the artist says. �To create something out of nothing in a completely new way is far more inspiring�.

Sergey Bobkov gradually developed his own technique to prevent wood chips from crumbling; in order to do this, he puts them in water for several days. Most of the time the artist prefers to work with cembra pine; however, some elements are better made of willow or beech, for example.

From a 2-3-inch long bar the artist makes 100 to 150 wood chips. Then the chips are carefully rolled to form a feather. Sergey says that wood chips are rather flexible material. Finished works of art do not need any special care; however, they do need to be protected from dust and direct sunlight. After one open air exhibition the artist had to shower his beloved pets; no harm was done to either one of them.

None of Sergey�s artworks are for sale; however, he was offered some five hundred thousand rubles (more than $17,000) for his Eagle.

Source:- English Russia

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