Extreme Ethnic Body Modifications Around the World When westerners hear �body modifications�, hardcore kids with stretched earlobes and assorted nose rings may come to mind. Think again! Traditional cultures around the world still practice body modification that seriously puts our punks to shame. Although many of these practices may seem exceptionally invasive and painful to us, they are seen as a right-of-passage for young adults in the eyes of their elders; if they can handle the suffering of the modification, they can handle the challenges of being an adult in their community, making us think that Bar Mitzvahs aren�t so bad after all!

For the most part, the cultures in the world that still engage in intense body modifications are those that have been left relatively untouched by the outside world or who have actually gained influence from the practice. Body mod tourism isn�t as rare as you�d think, and is controversial. Although this influx of tourists have brought wealth to impoverished tribes and attention to cultural practices, some argue it has also lead to a deteriorating way of life for many rural people or the cheapening of certain traditions.

Whether or not you support this kind of tourism, one thing is clear: travelers can still catch a glimpse of some pretty unbelievable ethnic body modifications that are currently in practice all over the world.

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