Brits float across Lake Garda in a bouncy castle A dream trip for some might be kayaking down the Amazon or hot air ballooning across Africa � but for one trio of young men it was paddling across Lake Garda in a bouncy castle.

The three realised what we imagine was a childhood dream in a leisurely two hours � paddling and sometimes just letting the following wind carry them on the 8km (five-mile) trip.

And if the Londoners hadn�t already turned enough heads in their tailor-made red and yellow castle, they managed to gatecrash an international sailing regatta during their attempt.

Trainee solicitor Jack Watkins, 25, and engineers Chris Hayes, 24, and Dave Sibley, 25, all from Clapham, south London, are now the first �sailors� to cross the lake on such a vessel.

�Great Britain has such a great tradition as a seafaring nation and we really feel we have played no role at all in adding to this,� admitted intrepid waterman Mr Hayes. �That said, it was possibly the most fun we have ever had and we really never believed this most frivolous of dreams would ever be realised,� he added.

Their bizarre journey was made possible as part of carmaker Honda�s Live Every Litre project.

The manufacturer has given people a chance to live their dream trips for a documentary, with those picked being filmed travelling around in its new Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe.


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