tattooed woman cover 95% of the whole body
The winner of the title the most tattooed woman in the world by the Guinness Committee Julia Gnat held in New York photo shoot, which showed their tattoos. Tattoos cover 95% of the whole body of Julia. In such cases, it was nicknamed "The Illustrated Maiden.

Julia Gnat was born with hereditary disorders of the skin pigment metabolism - porphyria. When the disease is allocated a toxic substance, which erodes the subcutaneous tissue. The skin begins to acquire a brown color, becoming thinner and from exposure to sunlight breaks, so the patients over time the skin is covered with scars and sores. It is for that to divert the attention of others from such scars on his legs, Julia, and began to apply for a tattoo. And a little carried away.

Julie covered with tattoos are not only feet, but her whole body.

All tattoos Julia containing your favorite toon characters and famous people, made a master.

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