Top 10 Sexiest Billionaire and millionaire daughters have a bad rap as high-maintenance trust fund babies and socialite ladies of pleasure. Also, let's not forget that wealth is not always synonymous with good genes. Not every tycoon and captain of industry in the exclusive billionaires' club has drop-dead gorgeous offspring. In order to help you navigate the tiny sea of billionaire darlings, we've compiled a 10-item guide to the hottest billionaire daughters in the world. What would it take to date one of these girls? Besides being a professional athlete or a Hollywood A-lister, the obvious answer is a parent or family member with a similar position on the Forbes list

Top 10 Charlotte Casiraghi

Age: 23

Billionaire Family: Grimaldi Family of Monaco

Family Fortune: US$1 billion

A granddaughter to the late Grace Kelly and an eligible heir to the throne of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi is a 23-year-old editor-at-large for Above fashion magazine. Her inheritance isn't limited to her grandfather's royal fortune and her grandmother's good looks. At the age of 17, this elegant fashionsita was gifted a private island off the coast of Sardinia.

Top 9 Holly Branson

Age: 28
Billionaire Father: Richard Branson

Family Fortune: US$2.5 billion

Rather than milking her father's fortune from the Virgin empire, Richard Branson's bombshell daughter briefly decided to pursue a pediatric medical degree at University College in London. After smelling the roses that her father is one of the coolest billionaires in the world, Holly left her medical ambitions to intern at Virgin and being the climb up the company ladder. Although she's still single, there's been tabloid speculation that she might be a suitor to Prince William.

Top 8 Ariana Rockefeller

Age: 27/28

Billionaire Grandfather: David Rockefeller, Jr.

Family Fortune: US$3 billion

Position on 2010 Forbes Billionaire List: #47 Ariana's last name is Rockefeller -- as in John Rockerfeller -- which tells us she's a future heiress of a family that built it's fortune on Texas gold. Her father, David Rockerfeller Jr., manages the an estimated three billion in assets through Rockefeller Financial Services, which holds court in the family's namesake midtown Manhattan plaza.

Top 7 Tamara Ecclestone

Age: 25

Billionaire Father: Bernard Ecclestone

Family Fortune: $4 billion

Position on 2010 Forbes Billionaire List: #212

Tamara Ecclestone's father, Bernard, has managed to capitalize on the explosion of interest in F-1 racing around the world, tying him with Richard Branson at the #212 spot on the 2010 Forbes list. Tamara works as a racing television host in Britain and her Croatian mother is a former Armani model.

Top 6 Dylan Lauren

Age: 36

Billionaire Father: Ralph Lauren

Family Fortune: $4.6 billion

Position on 2010 Forbes Billionaire List: #173

Ralph Lauren's Polo empire began in a working-class neighborhood in the Bronx and blossomed into the most iconic American fashion success story. Ralph's oldest daughter Dylan is the brainchild behind Dylan's Candy Bar, a boutique candy store with locations in New York, Houston, and Orlando. At 36 years old, she's definitely moving into cougar territory, but still brings fiery good looks. It's an obvious sign she's not overindulging on the sweets.

Top 5 Amanda Hearst

Age: 26

Billionaire Family: The Hearst family

Family Fortune: US$5 billion

Amanda Randolph Hearst (born January 5, 1984) is an American socialite, fashion model, and heiress to William Randolph Hearst's media empire, which reports $5 billion a year in annual revenue USD.

boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut. She graduated in 2002, enrolled at Boston College, and later transferred to Fordham University where she studies Art History

Top 4 Kathrine and Cecilie Fredriksen

Age: 25

Billionaire Father: John Fredriksen

Family Fortune: $7.7 billion

Position on 2010 Forbes Billionaire List: #88

Norwegian-born shipping magnate John Fredriksen has been called "a modern day Onassis." The shipping tycoon has amassed an impressive fortune by building oil tankers and drilling equipment for maritime oil exploration. His 25-year old twin daughters are Scandinavian smoke shows who work in companies controlled by their billionaire dad.

Top 3 Samantha Perelman

Age: 19 or 20? (born in 1990)

Billionaire Father: Ron Pearlman

Family Fortune: $11 billion

Position on 2010 Forbes Billionaire List: #52

The daughter of billionaire Cigar Aficionado investor and leveraged-buyout king Ron Pearlman attended the University of Pennsylvania, where the Pearlman family name adorns a campus quad. While billionaire heiresses don't tend to share their thoughts online, she's one of the few on this list besides Paris Hilton that you can follow on Twitter.

Top 2 Georgina Bloomberg

Age: 27

Billionaire Father: Michael Bloomberg

Family Fortune: $18 billion

Position on 2010 Forbes Billionaire List: #23

Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is both an accomplished equestrian and New York Knicks fan, where she's frequently spotted with her billionaire father. In November, Georgina dished to Page Six magazine about choosing an equestrian career over college and her father's meteoric rise on the billionaire list. Most recently Georgina landed a sports modeling deal.

Top 1 Marta Ortega P�rez

Age: 26

Billionaire Father: Amancio Ortega Gaona

Family Fortune: $25 billion

Position on 2010 Forbes Billionaire List: #9

Three years ago Amancio Ortega Gaona's youngest daughter, Marta Perez, began her quest to inherit her father's Inditex fashion retail empire with a no-frills job stocking shelves and dealing with customers service at a Bershka fashion store. Inditex now boasts some 4,500 stores in 73 countries, including chichi designer brands such as Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, and the massive Zara chain. The daughter of Spain's richest man is reported to be an avid equestrian and still single, so a little horse whispering might be the quickest way to winning the heart of this billionaire heiresses.

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