Vanuatu: The blue sky and the green trees make the island country the happiest place in the world. People here like to hold traditional celebrations. In this small country, you can always find a place to have parties.
Montreal of Canada: The city is clean and multi-cultural. People there are hospitable to each other. If you visit Montreal in July, you will find that the entire city is filled with laughters because of the annual Comedy Festival.
Happy town of Texas in the USA: It claims itself as a city without worry. Look at the view of the town, that’s the real Texas—hiking along Palo Duro Canyon and observing American bisons. In short, you can feel the true American life there.
Bhutan: Do you have any unhappy things in Bhutan? The small nation located in Himalayas has its own way of gauging the happiness so that their modernization process do not voilate the Buddism tradition.
Columbia: The country fills with Lation zest. The carnivals and football matches will let your experience the passion of this Caribbean country.
Wuyi Mountain in China: In Wuyi Mountain, you can visit the misterious caves, you can drifting in Nine-curved River on bamboo raft and you can enjoy the stone inscription that have been there for more than 4000 years.
Malawi: Malawi is called the warm heart of Africa. Although people are living in one of the poorest countries in the world, they are friendly to others.
Andorra: People there has the longest lifespan: 83.5-year-old. The clear air from Pyrenees fills the country. There are also funny out-door activities, such as skating, hiking and cycling. Andorra is country of peace, there hasn’t been any war in this land for 700 years.
Hidakagawa of Wakayama in Japan: Every year, residents of Hidakagawa make floats and parade on the street, shouting “Warau, Warau! (Smile, smile)”.
Denmark: The offical statement is that Demark is the most comfortable country in the world. The blue sky and white clouds, the on-scheduled transportation and the chalets scattered along the beach have become a standard. You can cycle across cities and forests, you can enjoy most delicious North European dishes, you can leisurely drink coffees in cafeterias and you can even ride a bike to cross the 11 cycle path to search for the reason of Danes happiness.

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