Movies have been the inspiration for custom bike themes since the first steam powered bicycle had a picture of Steamboat Willie painted on it. In fact, the Predator movie has been the inspiration for many themed bikes by dozens of builders, but never quite like this. When Roderick “Slick Rick” McCullough, a successful business owner from Georgia, decided he wanted to make a theme bike to top them all, he found only one shop that was up to the task of pushing the limits of machine, style and taste.No other custom builds have received more reactions than those featured by Dennis “D-Man” Vazquez of Pit Stop Motorsports. Nothing provokes screams of love or hate like one of his three-dimensional monsters. The letters and e-mails pour in with an almost dead-even split of passionate perceptions. One thing’s for certain – there’s no denying D-Man’s bikes demand attention.A few months later the build was finished and it was time for delivery in Myrtle Beach. Up to this point McCullough knew very little of the details, only that he left his credit card running with D-Man’s imagination. Though the finished product surpassed all of his expectations, McCullough wondered if it would actually be rideable. “To be honest with you, I didn’t think it would run. I took the bike off the trailer and pushed it around. It sat for about four hours in front of the hotel until D-Man called me up and asked if we were ready to ride. I barely got out of the parking lot before the police got me though. I got two tickets for holding up traffic before making it a single mile!”

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