How to Make Bacon at Home from Scratch: Baked or Smoked Methods You have got to learn how to make bacon from scratch! I recently tried this for the first time and I've got to share it with you because it turned out fantastically! If you are like me, you love bacon. The smokey, rich, salty flavor is delicious either on its own with breakfast or used to wrap grilled foods like scallops, prawns, dates or game birds. You can also cut up chunks of homemade bacon, called lardons, to lard poultry before roasting, to add flavor to stews and soups or even to augment your salads. With store bought bacon, most is thinly sliced and rather lacking in flavor. When making bacon at home from scratch you can cut it into any size or shape you want! Thick country-style slices or lardons are no problem. The uses are endless. And the flavor? Well watch out! This homemade bacon is delicious and much more bold and rich in flavor than all but the very best store brought types. Learn how to make bacon now!

Most people have not made bacon at home and consider the idea of curing meats and learning how to make bacon at home a bit scary. However, making bacon at home is actually not that hard. Here I will teach you a simple method how to make bacon, how to cure bacon and then bake or smoke it. It can then keep for a while in your fridge or even longer in your freezer. Its definitely worth the effort!

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