Mongoose Cricket Bat

Haven't heard of this new kind of cricket bat until today. Mongoose Cricket Bat is just Price: �139.00. This cricket bat has a longer handle. Specifically "The Mongoose�s blade is 33% shorter and its handle 43% longer than a conventional bat"

Stuart Law and the Mongoose bat.

Mongoose Cricket Bat:- Price: �139.00
- Conforms to MCC Laws
- 20% more power than a conventional bat
- 15% more bat speed
- Sweet spot more than twice the size as a conventional bat
- Hand crafted in England
- Limited Edition custom made bats only
- Massive edges from shoulder to toe
- Massive toe
- Huge profile across entire blade
- Available in all weights from light to mammoth
- Made from Top Grade English Willow: Grades 1�2 only

Mongoose Bat fact sheet:

1. The Mongoose bat has been designed specifically for Twenty20

2. The Mongoose is the most radical change to cricket bat design since 1771

3. The MCC Laws sub-committee has confirmed that the Mongoose bats are legal and allowed to be used in all levels of cricket. They conform to the new version of Law 6 and Appendix E, which came into force on 1st October 2008

4. The Mongoose has been scientifically proven by Imperial College to offer batsmen 20% more power and 15% more bat speed than a conventional bat

5. The Mongoose allows you to hit harder & further without changing the way you play

6. The Mongoose�s blade is 33% shorter and its handle 43% longer than a conventional bat

7. The splice, usually located in the blade of the bat, is incorporated in the handle, which ensures there is no dead spot in the hitting area of the bat

8. The Mongoose also reconfigures the shoulders of the bat by dropping them down nine inches. The weight taken from the shoulders � about 20 per cent of the blade weight � is redistributed to the back of the new, shorter blade

9. The Mongoose is the invention of Marcus Codrington Fernandez, former Global Creative Director for one of the biggest advertising networks in the world

10. The Mongoose will make its first class debut in the Twenty20 Cup (England's domestic competition)

11. The players using the Mongoose bat in first class cricket will include:
Stuart Law � Derbyshire and Australia
Ebony Rainford-Brent � Surrey and England
Laura Marsh � Sussex and England

Hayden and Mongoose Bat

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