Avatar may have been beaten to Oscar glory by the Hurt Locker, but its pop-culture impact shows no sign of dimming as these hilarious 'Avatized' celebs show.

These famous faces have been given the full Avatar treatment, making them look like the now iconic blue striped, 10-foot aliens from director James Cameron's sci-fi epic.

Created by 22-year old San Francisco-based photo-shop wizard Robert Paulson, everyone from Amy Winehouse, to Susan Boyle has been 'Avatized'.
I see you: Even as an Avatar singer Amy Winehouse hasn't ditched her cigarette habit
Blue day: Susan Boyle is among the 200 celebrities given the Avatar treatment by
San Francisco-based photo-shop wizard Robert Paulson
Off duty Na'vi: Peter Andre's alter ego relaxes in a white tracksuit

Spot the difference: It's not just the skin and eye colour which is different -
Jonathan Ross's Avatar tail sneaks out from beneath his jacket while his hand has
three fingers and a thumb

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