A list of the richest and most influential cities in the world in 2010 was released by British real estate agent Knight Frank and Citibank of U.S. on Wednesday.

The ranking is based on the comprehensive analysis of four indexes: Economic vitality, political influence, research ability and living standard.

New York, London and Paris occupy the top 3 positions. Beijing is listed in the ninth place.

However, no city is the all-rounder. For instance, New York took the lead at the ranking of indexes of "economic vitality" and "research ability", but its political influence came in second place and living standard even No. 8!

Meanwhile, some metropolises have had markedly progress, such as Beijing?whose political influence advanced to No. 4, and Berlin, which is the runner-up in the ranking of living standard.
No. 1 New York
No. 2 London 
No. 3 Paris

No. 4 Tokyo

No. 5 Los Angeles

No. 6 Brussels

No. 6 Brussels
No. 8 Berlin

No. 9 Beijing

No. 10 Toronto

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