1. Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark Series)
Joanna is witty and cocksure. She’s good and she knows it and so do we.

2. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series)
No top 10 hottest fictional female character list is complete without Lara. Angelina Jolie’s ass crack lips aside, any woman who’s played her has been a fox in her own right. Call her what you want, Lara is a grave robber I’d let raid my crypt anytime.

3. Cortana (Halo Series)
The only woman you actually NEED inside your head all the time. Cortana is the most electric and consistently naked woman on this list.

4. Rubi Malone (Wet)
It’s my understanding that Wet is somewhat like Kill Bill. That I don’t care about, what I do care about is how much better looking Rubi is than Beatrix AND Rubi is voiced by Eliza Dushku. Now that makes me “wet.”

5. Rayne (Bloodrayne Series)
Rayne was hot before vampires were ruined by teenage girls. That’s not to say there aren’t other hot vampires out there *coughs* Monica Bellucci in Dracula *coughs* but I wanted Rayne to take a bite out of me back when goth was still taboo.

6. Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
She may be ambiguously Japanese but she was actually crafted by the Brits. I love the Brits simply for their contributions to the vast well of ungodly hot women. (See also: Alice Eve, Lucy Pinder, Keeley Hazell, Rosie Jones, Sophie Howard, etc, etc, etc)

7. Anya Stroud (Gears of War Series)
Not many things are as awesome as a machine gun with a chainsaw bayonet. Give that to a woman who is bad ass enough to use it and she makes an already awesome weapon look impossibly better.

8. Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins)
Not to be confused with Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalker. This Morrigan is a loosely moralled bitch… er I mean witch… just the way I like them.

9. Faith (Mirror’s Edge)
This woman is a daring gymnast. That alone would be enough but damn does she fulfill that Asian fetish nicely. If I ever need a beautiful coke mule, I’m calling Faith.

10. Madison Paige (Heavy Rain) )
In the game Madison’s face looks fairly plain due to the uncanny valley graphics and brown color spectrum. I couldn’t find a good picture of Madison from the game. However Jacqui Ainsley (pictured) lent her likeness to Madison and that… that’s just awesome.


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