Some people like a big cup of coffee in the morning to wake them up. But not usually this big -- this is the world's biggest mug of java.

The 8 foot tall cup contains a massive 2,010 gallons of freshly brewed coffee - that's the same as 32,160 regular cups.

It took a team of people more than eight hours to brew all the coffee required, who were in turn powered by several cups of coffee.

The previous Guinness World Record for largest cup of coffee was set in 2007 at just 911.5 gallons… that's now a medium a Starbuck.

But the record breakers didn't stop there. They then added 3,500 pounds of enormous ice cubes to also set the record for the world's largest cup of iced coffee too.

A spokesperson for which set the records said: "We wanted to break both records because we had this massive cup and thought, 'We'd be crazy not to'.

Madeleine McGregor, who jumped into the filled cup added: "It was a wild experience. Hopping into a frigid cup of iced coffee was one of the most exhilarating experiences, and a once in a lifetime opportunity."

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