Many people opt to have their complete tongue tattooed a different colour, so you may see people with orange ,red, purple or blue tongues. Since the area of the tongue is very small(unless you've got an ant eaters tongue, which the ladies may like!) you can get small and neat tattoos on the tongue, such as stars near the tip of the tongue or an eyeball is a favourite of some people, but what others get is entirely up to them, such as some rudey tats of willies, ball sacks and even lady money slots.

Apparently the procedure for tongue tattoos is very similar, with the needles of the tattoo gun pricking the outer membrane(skin) of the surface of the tongue and filling in ink underneath and when the ink pigments have had time to be absorbed, the ink is there forever.

To get a tongue tatoo, you'll have to find an artist who has done it before as it requires some past experience in holding your tongue out and tattooing such a delicately small muscle.

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