‘Going geek’ has never looked better. And there’s no better way to show your geek badge than to get together with your friends and cosplay.
Here are collection of photos which give you big proof that geeks are so attractive today and draw attention everywhere they are. Their costume designs are very creative and unique more then ever.

What makes a physically attractive person even more? How about an attractive person with a dash of relateable geekyness! One really can’t deny that a solid mix of good looks and a nerdy personality makes dangerous combo. These “red warm girl” is proof!
Great Metroid cosplay by Jenni Källberg, a Swedish student and illustrator whose hobbies are art/design, cosplay, drawing and gaming. She is stunningly attractive, a gamer geek and confident as well. What else could a guy ask for.
This pair did a great job cosplaying Link’s Four Sword outfits with their clean and clear costume and image. Link is definitely popular among the girls with his pointy ears.
These pair look like angel and demon both very attractive. Maybe, demon little more…
This beautiful lady is viner of competition for the most attractive geek. She is real very attractive, isn’t she?
Dangerous Cleopatra with waterfalls behind! Very attractive scene! This girl is not only beautiful, she is also creative and smart!

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