Organic Monster Vegetables Garden - Let's hope the neighbours like cabbage. Amateur gardener Jimmy Hill is promising to share his crop with them and, judging by this picture, there's a lot to go round.

Mr Hill, 53, has grown a row of the monster vegetables, the biggest of which is 5ft across and will weigh 80lb when it's ready to cut.

Mechanic Mr Hill also grows onions, carrots and cucumbers in the rear garden of his home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Monster veg: Jimmy Hill, 53, planted his cabbage seeds in May and watched in disbelief as the mammoth vegetables grew to span an incredible 5ft in width

It is not his first bumper crop and in previous years he and wife Jackie, 51, have run out of ideas about how to eat them.

'I like them and my wife is a wonderful cook but I have to admit there are only so many ways you can cook them, so I reckon we'll give them away to neighbours.

'People say I should enter shows but for me it's just a hobby.'

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