Recreation amusement parks before and probably will continue to attend these parks until your child is old enough to drive themselves to the parks. Even after that you might attend, just for some fun of your own. But, be careful of just which theme parks you take your children to, some of them are just bizarre.

1. Love Land

This is a theme park that is Korea and one was supposed to open in China. This park is solely based on sex. It has over 140 sculptures depicting different sexual positions. It is an 18 and up park with a play area for the children. It has interactive sculptures and movies for the adults to enjoy. It was a popular honeymoon destination and that is how the park came to open. It is there for the purpose of sex education with the hope of teaching its patrons how to please a lover.

Love Land

2. Dickens World

This is an amusement park in the United Kingdom. It is based on the works and life of the famous writer Charles Dickens. It boasts that it can entertain the whole family. It has a boat ride for the family, along with Victorian school house, the haunted Scrooge house, the haunted house of 1859 and a 4D cinema show. You can learn all about Charles Dickenson and his literary works.

Dickens World

3. Bon Bon Land

This park is located in Denmark. It focuses on vomit and dog poop. It has been described as the characters featured throughout the park look like they have been drinking too much and feel the need to vomit. There are even what we call �perverted� signs for areas such as the bathrooms and the saloons, where the boobs and butts of the characters are all exposed. Most of the rides at this park are self operating, in other words, once you have gotten on the ride you have to push the button to start it. Each ride has a different theme and you never know if it is going to have a farting, vomit, or some kind of naked character on it.

Bon Bon Land

4. Hershey Park

This park is located in Pennsylvania. It boasts over sixty rides based solely on the Hershey chocolate brand. When you buy a ticket to Hershey Park, you can get into the next door zoo for free. It first opened in 1907 and was for the employees of the Hershey Company. Then it was opened to the public and rides were installed. This park is continuing to expand. The characters that walk around the park all have something to do with the chocolate candy that the company makes, such as Hershey Kisses, the Hershey Bar, and the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

Hershey Park

5. Haw Par Villa

This park is located in Singapore. It is a Chinese mythological theme park. It has over a thousand statues and it has 150 dioramas that tell you all about the different folklore, legends and history throughout China. It originally opened in 1937. It was sold in 1979. It was refurbished and reopened, and then in 1985 it was renamed and opened again in 1990. It had rides that were added and the religious teachings this park was meant for decreased and therefore, the attendance dropped off. Since, the decline in attendance the rides were removed and the park is back to the way it was.

Haw Par Villa

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