Electric cars are cool, hip, interesting, and environmentally-friendly. Automakers old and new are all developing new ways for us to drive, and by far, the most popular hybrid vehicle in the United States is the Toyota Prius. We�re all used to how it looks now, but remember how strange we thought it looked when it first came out? Oh yeah� a lot of these electric cars look weird� no doubt about it� here�s a list of my favorite odd-balls�

1. Aptera 2e
Even if it did have four wheels, instead of only three, the Aptera would still look odd. It looks futuristic, to say the least� like it would hover, rather than actually drive on the street�

2. Mitsubishi iMIEV
I test-drove this little bug at this year�s auto show in Detroit, and I liked it! It was peppy and easy to maneuver, but� it is so funny-looking!

3. Toyota Prius
We may be used to seeing them now, but you have to admit, the first time you saw a Prius, you thought it was a little funny-looking! I do actually like the iconic profile, but� I used to think it was weird, too!

4. Solus COCO Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
This looks a lot like the SMART car to me, except it seems to be missing something� hmm� I hope it doesn�t rain!

5. Peugeot BB1
This concept car was unveiled last week, and this may be one of the strangest-looking electric cars I�ve ever seen. It seems to be leaning forward, ready to topple right over! And the front wheels are noticeably larger than the back� weird�

6. Nissan LEAF
It�s hard to pin-point exactly what about the LEAF looks so odd� it just looks stretched out, with difficult proportions� like an elongated station wagon, but I think the design might grow on me, just like the Prius did�

7. Tango EV
Skinny! This has to be the thinnest, narrowest, skinniest car I have ever seen� Almost like an enclosed scooter! This EV is a two-seater, but unlike other two-seaters (like the SMART car), the driver and passenger sit front-and-back, not side-to-side.

8. Renault Kangoo EV

I actually really like this unusual design. It�s bubbly, cute, almost like an animated characters or a video game vehicle.

9. Axon Hatchback

This looks a lot like the original Honda Insight, with the skirting on the rear wheel wells. It must have great headroom, with that camel-hump in the middle!

10. Honda Insight
Come to think of it, the Honda Insight was really strange-looking, especially since we we�re used to seeing anything this small and stream-lined on the road at the time. Now it looks a lot more like the Prius�


I really like this one! It�s odd-looking, for sure, but it�s attractive in an almost feline way. The color I�ve seen the most is also a cool lime green� I like it!

12. TH!NK City

If IKEA made an electric vehicle
, this might be what it would look like. Tiny, spare, but strangely adorable. Do we want our cars to look this cute? Maybe�

I almost feel bad for talking trash about electric vehicles when there are so many reasons they�re better to drive than traditional fossil-fuel burning cars. I have to say, there are a lot of bland, boring ones, and even a number of totally hot ones! Do you have a favorite goofy-looking electric car? Which ones have kind of grown on you lately? Please let me know� thanks!

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