Traffic :
unique visitors: more than 50,000/month
page views: more than 200,000/month

Alexa Rank :
Overall - 307,201
India - 34,512
UAE - 13,191

Google Page Rank : 3

e-mail subscriptions : 320

Three types of Advertising units available on this blog :
1. 125×125 Butto left side: Two 125×125 button appear on sidebar of every page. The 125×125 button ad rate is only $5 (Rs.200) per month.

2. 468×60 Banner at bottom: Two 468×60 ad appears on the bottom of every page. The 468×60 ad unit rate is only $9 (Rs.400) per month.

3. 160×600 skyscraper left side: One 160×600 skyscraper appear on sidebar of every page. The 160×600 skyscraper ad rate is only $15 (Rs.600) per month.

Specification of Ads :
1. Animation Ads allowed, but no Flash.
2. No adult and other objectionable Ads.
3. All Ads are subject to approval.
4. Payments only by PayPal or AlertPay for International advertisers. Indian advertisers can also pay by DD, cheque or direct bank deposit.

Buy Ad :
To buy Ad, Just e-mail us at vijay22.reddy[at]gmail[dot]com with following details with email subject as "Advertise" :

1. Ad you want to buy: 125×125 Button, 468×60 Banner or 160×600 skyscraper.
2. Your Ad banner attached or banner URL link specified.
3. Your Ad website URL you want to link the banner.
4. Your payment option: PayPal or AlertPay or (DD,cheque,Bank deposit - for Indians only)

We will review your details and get back to you within 24 hours. After that you can make payment to PayPal or AlertPay ID or bank account given to you and start showing your banner within seconds after confirmation of payment.

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