It's great to be a kid again with these hilarious and outrageous videos. Takes me back to a day I wore a Garbage Bag as a bathing suit to slide down the slip and slide in the back of my restaurant.

Last summer in Florida, it was ridiculously hot. I actually wondered why I still live here. I was cooking in the restaurant during the summer and it was about 95 degrees in the kitchen.

I had sweat running down my back, I had already drank over 8 glasses of water, and I was ready to pass out from heat exhaustion. My employees and I decided to construct a slip and slide out of restaurant grade trash bags in the back of the restaurant on the grass into a kiddie pool.

It was the middle of the day so we figured there wouldn't be to many customers coming in so we started our plan. We pieced together all the trash bags into a winding slip and slide through the parking lot.

We filled the kiddie pool, turned on the hose, and let it run down the slide until we found something to wear to ride down the slide. I was in Chef pants and a coat and I knew I couldn't ride down the slide in that.

I took the liberty of grabbing a heavy trash bag and I cut out shorts and a bikini top, fashionable I know. I was hoping no one would drive by and see us, thinking we had nothing better to do but escape the grueling weather.

Before we made out first slide, we took a bottle of vegetable oil and poured it all the way down the slide for some added speed.

My first slide was like jumping head first into a pile of concrete and boy did it leave a mark on my stomach. I was black and blue for a week yet, I still prevailed.

My second slide sent me down the entire slide all the way up to the Sysco truck that was starting to pull up. How embarrassing for me but, how sexy for the Sysco driver. He, He

This became a tradition for us during the summer along with traveling to Busch Gardens and slip and slide parties at my home. Aww, the memories.

Extreme Sliding 2007: Lady Gets Huge Air

Super Size Bikini Girls Slip N' Slide

Slip N' Fly

Ron's Slip and Slide Extravaganza

Kamas Spillway: Crazy Water Stun

Water Slide in the Woods

The next time you have the urge to purchase a slip and slide for your kids do me a favor and make one yourself. It will be a great opportunity to spend more time with the kids and the fact that you get stuck a lot more often on handmade slides, it makes it that much more hilarious. A real bonding moment.

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