Writer Laura Gilbert asked a WNBA team�s worth of willowy women what clich�d lines turn them off might be constantly faced with the problem of the right strategy when approaching that tall-leggy and beautiful chick across the bar. Not everyone may face this problem, but if you are, well, vertically-challenged,

10. �You must be a model!� (This line shows that you�re not trying very hard, even if you clarify up front that you�re only asking because she�s really rilly pretty.)

9. �You can�t be 5' 10?. I�m 5'10?!� (It�s one thing to lie about your height while you�re sitting down or on an Internet profile. When you say this to someone who has to lean down to hear it, you�re busted.)

8. �Is it hard for you to meet people taller than you?� (If she has to explain the bell curve to you, you might not be an intellectual match.)

7. �Now there�s a tree I�d like to climb.� (Yummeh.)

6. �How do you kiss?� ( Or the skin-crawling subset: �Wow, I feel like I�m the girl!� You do realize that kissing doesn�t require her to use her legs, right?)

5. �I could eat my way to the top.� (Stop. Just stop.)

4. �How tall are you, anyway?� (Think about it: Whatever she answers won�t make much difference, except that you�ll look sorta insecure for having asked. Use some deductive reasoning and you should be able to guess within an inch or two.)

3. �How do you wear heels?� (Like everyone else: one foot at a time. She looks even better when she does it, short stack.)

2. �It won�t matter much when we�re lying down.� (Only a fool would invite commentary on the inches that do make a difference during horizontal integration.)

1. �Do you play basketball?� (People don�t ask �Do you play professional baseball?� just because you�re paunchy and chew tobacco. Pay it forward by giving tall women the same courtesy.)

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