L-shaped Hairdryer
Hairdryers are rarely the focus of much excitement, let alone creativity, when it comes to design, which is strange really, considering what a vital piece of equipment it is in most women�s (and a lot of men�s) armoury. But this might be about to change, thanks to Italian designers deepdesign who have developed a very handsome prototype for a dryer called �Winds�.

�Winds� is a standalone, auto-switching machine with a revolutionary double airflow and an unusual L-shaped body (to prevent fatigue from repeated use), designed to be the most efficient, ergonomic and aesthetically sound hairdryer in the product�s short history. But don�t get too excited just yet as the prototype has yet to reach commission, let alone production stages.

�We developed it without a real client, which was very unusual for us, but we invested immeasurable energy, time and money on it because we have real faith in the idea,� explains Rafaella Mangiarotti Matteo Bazzicalupo, the duo that make up deepdesign. �Our idea for the design came from studying hair stylists using traditional hairdyers. We realised the hairdryer follows particular movements, which the traditional T-shaped design simply wasn�t suited to, hence we developed a new object with a far more ergonomic shape, better suited to its function.�

So whilst our clunky driers still have some life in them yet, a better looking, better working model is not too far away�

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