Wear your heart�on your ears. These tampon heart earrings display both your romantic sentiments and your menstrual pride.


* Tampax tampons
* Spray on acrylic sealant
* White glue
* Red food coloring
* Blank earring posts and backs
* Small heart-shaped beads or stones
* Hot glue gun
* Scissors


Cut tip of tampons on the bias, at a 45-degree angle. The long side of the cut section should be no more than one inch. Cut so that the �crease� of the tampon runs along the longer side. Cut the strings off the tampons and set them aside.

Tampon Heart Earrings

Hot glue the cut surfaces together with the end of a tampon string in between them, so they form a V shape.

Tampon Heart Earrings

Put an extra dot of glue in the crook of the V and press together till they form a heart. Spray with acrylic sealant. Let dry.

Tampon Heart Earrings

Mix about � cup of white glue with several drops of red food coloring until desired �blood� color is achieved. Mix thoroughly.

Tampon Heart Earrings

Dip hearts part way into the �blood�. Hang to dry.

Tampon Heart Earrings

Trim strings to appropriate lengths for earrings � about 1 and 1/2 inches.

Tampon Heart Earrings

Hot glue the end of the string to an earring post, then glue the bead or stone on top of the string.

Tampon Heart Earrings

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